Disputed Claims

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12/29/2008      2008-HICIL-40 Claimant's Objection
12/29/2008      2008-HICIL-42 Claimant's Objection
12/22/2008      2008-HICIL-41 Claimant's Objection
12/19/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Notice Of Hearing On VIAD Corporation's Objection To The Liquidator's Notice Of Determination
12/04/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Order Regarding Choice Of Law Issue
12/04/2008      2008-HICIL-35 VIAD'S Supplemental Authority
11/24/2008      2008--HICIL-35 Reply In Support Of The Liquidator's Motion to Strike Portion Of VIAD's Memorandum On Choice Of Law Structuring Conference
11/18/2008      2008-HICIL-35 VIAD's Objection To The Liquidator's Motion To Strike Portion Of VIAD's Memorandum On Choice Of Law And Structuring
11/17/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Assented To Motion Of VIAD Corp To Extend Time To Object To Liquidator's Motion To Strike To November 20, 2008
11/11/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Viad's Notice Of Filing Supplemental Authority
11/05/2008      2008-HICIL-35 The Liquidator's Motion To Strike Portion Of Viad's Memorandum On Choice Of Law And Structuring
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 VIAD's Memorandum Of Law In Opposition To Bifurcating Coverage Issues And VIAD's Position As To The Applicable Choice Of Law [With Exhibits A - E]
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Exhibit A
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Exhibit B
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Exhibit C
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Exhibit D
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Exhibit E
11/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Liquidator's Memorandum Regarding Choice Of Law And Structuring
10/29/2008      2008-HICIL-37 Scheduling of Structuring Conference
10/28/2008      2008-HICIL-36 Order
10/22/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Order
10/16/2008      2008-HICIL-39 Notice of Appearance
10/06/2008      2008-HICIL-36 Scheduling of Structuring Conference
10/01/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Liquidator's Section 15 Submission [Timely Filed/Posted Late]
10/01/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Liquidator's Section 15 Submission Exhibits [Timely Filed/Posted Late]
09/25/2008      2008-HICIL-39 Claimant's Objection
09/18/2008      2007-HICIL-33 Order of Dismissal
09/02/2008      2005-HICIL-4 Notice of Appearance
09/02/2008      2005-HICIL--4 Notice of Withdrawal
08/29/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Written Submission In Support Of Swan Transportation Company's Objection To The Notice Of Decision
08/12/2008      2008-HICIL-38 Notice of Appearance
08/04/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Scheduling Of Structuring Conference
08/04/2008      2008-HICIL-36 Scheduling Of Structuring Conference
08/04/2008      2008-HICIL-37 Scheduling Of Structuring Conference
08/01/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Order
07/29/2008      2008-HICIL-38 Notice of Disputed Claim
07/21/2008      2008-HICIL-38 Claimant's Notice of Dispute
07/15/2008      2008-HICIL-37 Notice of Apperance
07/02/2008      2007-HICIL-33 Liquidator's Further Breif In Support Of His Motion To Dismiss
06/30/2008      2007-HICIL-33 Further Order
06/25/2008      2008-HICIL-36 The Liquidator's Request For Immediate Hearing And Dismissal Of Claimant's Notice Of Objection
06/24/2008      2008-HICIL-37 Notice of Disputed Claim
06/20/2008      2008-HICIL-36 Notice of Appearance
06/17/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Order Granting Assented To Motion To Extend time For Mandatory Disclosures
06/10/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Compliance With Rule 14
06/09/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Motion To Extend time For Mandatory Disclsoure
05/29/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney Allen
05/28/2008      2008-HICIL-37 Objection To Notice Of Redetermination
05/27/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Amendment To Order Regarding Procedures For The Vernay Hearing
05/23/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Stipulation and Proposed Order Regarding Issues For the Vernay Hearing
05/22/2008      2008-HICIL-36 Notice of Disputed Claim
05/12/2008      2008-HICIL-36 Notice of Objection
05/06/2008      2007-HICIL-33 the Liquidator's Further Statement Regarding Claimant's Tendered Proof of Authority To Act As Representative Of The Estate Of Harold Levy
04/29/2008      2007-HICIL-31 Liquidator's Objection to Claimant's Motion to Recommit
04/22/2008      2007-HICIL-31 Claimant's Motion To Recommit
04/15/2008      2007-HICIL-33 The Liquidator's Pre-Hearing Brief
04/14/2008      2007-HICIL-31 Ruling On Classification Of Claim For Pre-Receivership Services Under RSA 402-C:44
04/09/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Liquidator's Reply to CIC's Objection To Motion To Recommit Referee's Ruling Regarding SetOff Of PECO Claim [UNDER SEAL] [UNDER SEAL]
04/08/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Notice of Appearance
04/03/2008      2008-HICIL-35 Viad's Objection To The Home Insurance Company In Liquidation's Notice Of Determination As To Claim Number EMTL 705271-01
03/28/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Notice of Disputed Claim
03/28/2008      2008-HICIL-34 Objection To Denial of Claim
03/20/2008      2007-HICIL-33 Scheduling Of Expedited Prehearing Conference
03/18/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Ruling
03/11/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Ruling [under seal] UNDER SEAL
03/10/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Century Indemnity Company's Limited Response to Unione's Further Information Statement
03/05/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Order Regarding Procedures For The Vernay Hearing
03/05/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Unione Italiana's Further Information Served Pursuant To The Referee's Ruling Dated 26th February
02/27/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Order Regarding Procedures For The Vernay Hearing
02/26/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Ruling Pursuant To Telephonic Conference Held On Monday, February 25, 2008
02/20/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Century Indemnity Company's Limited Response To Unione's Request For Leave To File Reply Statement
02/18/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Request For Leave To Submit Reply Statement and Reply Statement
02/18/2008      2007-HICIL-31 Liquidator's Response To Claimant's Submission
02/18/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Century Indemnity Company's Response To Unione's Position Statement
02/11/2008      2007-HICIL-33 Small Claim
02/05/2008      2006-HICIL-18, 2006-HICIL-21 Order
02/05/2008      2007-HICIL-29 Order
02/05/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Ruling On Liquidator's Motion Seeking Clarification On Scope Of Expert Testimony In The Vernay Matter
02/04/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Claimant Unione Italiana Reinsurance Company Limited's Position Statement
02/01/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Entry of Appearance
01/30/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Scheduling Order
01/28/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Liquidator's Reply In Support Of Motion For Clarification Evidentiary Hearing [UNDER SEAL] UNDER SEAL
01/25/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Scheduling Order
01/25/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Century Indemnity Company's Objection To The Liquidator's Motion For Clarification Or Reconsideration Of Referee's January 3, 2008 Ruling On CIC's Request For Evidentiary Hearing [UNDER SEAL] [UNDER SEAL]
01/23/2008      2007-HICIL-31 Claimant's Section 15 Submission
01/18/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Written Submission of Unione Italiana (UK) Reinsurance Company Limited
01/18/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Documents Attached To Written Submission of Unione Italiana
01/16/2008      2007-HICIL-32 Telephonic Structuring Conference
01/14/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Liquidator's Motion for Clarification or Reconsideration of Referee's January 3, 2008 Ruling on CIC's Request For Evidentiary Hearing [FILED UNDER SEAL] [UNDER SEAL]
01/14/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Liquidator's Response to CIC's Submisson Regarding Setoff of PECO Claim [FILED UNDER SEAL] [FILED UNDER SEAL]
01/03/2008      2005-HICIL-14 Vernay Ruling on CIC's Request for Evidentiary Hearing (FILED UNDER SEAL) UNDER SEAL