In the Matter of the Liquidation of The Home Insurance
Company, Supreme Court Docket 2004-0729
(Interlocutory Appeal by Ace Companies, et al re whether proposed payments to AFIA Cedants qualify as administrative expenses)

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01/11/2005      Mandate       
12/27/2004      Supreme Court Order - Interlocutory Appeal Declined - Posted on Website 1/3/2005       
11/08/2004      Superior Court Order and Assented-To Interlocutory Appeal Statement (Judge McGuire's Order vacated previously filed Interlocutory Appeal Statement, granted the Joint Motion to approve Agreed Interlocutory Appeal Statement, and transferred the agreed-upon Interlocutory Appeal Statement)
11/08/2004      Motion for Withdrawal of Previously Filed Interlocutory Appeal Statement and Substitution of Recently Approved and Assented-To Substitute Interlocutory Appeal Statement       
11/01/2004      Liquidator's Motion for Remand to Permit Consideration of Motion for Reconsideration
11/01/2004      ACE Companies' Opposition to Liquidator's Motion for Remand to Permit Consideration of Motion for Reconsideration
11/01/2004      Supreme Court Notice of Assignment of Docket Case Number 2004-0729       
10/28/2004      Superior Court Order Granting Motion to Transfer Question of Law for Interlocutory Appeal
10/28/2004      Interlocutory Appeal Statement Approved by Superior Court