The Liquidations

When the New Hampshire Insurance Department determines that a New Hampshire domiciled insurer is insolvent or operating in a financially hazardous manner, the Insurance Commissioner may petition the court for an order placing the company into liquidation.   If the Court agrees with the petition, a liquidation order is issued appointing the Insurance Commissioner as Liquidator of the company.

In 1995, The Home Insurance Company ("THIC") ceased writing new business but continued to pay claims in due course.   On June 13, 2003, THIC was placed into Liquidation by order of the Merrimack County Superior Court.   U.S. International Reinsurance Company ("USI Re") was similarly placed into Liquidation in June of 2003.   The Merrimack County Superior Court ordered that the two actions be jointly administered.On Decmber 2,2013, the court orderd that the USI re liquidation proceeding be terminated, that the Liquidator be discharged and that USIre be dissolved.

All aspects of the liquidation process are governed by New Hampshire statute, NH RSA 402-C, which can be viewed at  For further information about the State of New Hampshire Department of Insurance (NHDOI), visit its website at

Pursuant to order of the Merrimack County Superior Court dated March 3, 2004, the Office of the Liquidation Clerk maintains all Merrimack County Superior Court files pertinent to the ongoing liquidations and is responsible for the website posting of all pleadings, orders and submissions relating to each.